Rain Chains

Rain Chains, otherwise known as chain gutters, are used in place of your down spout, and otherwise known as functional art.

Rain Chains have been around since Viking times. It is how Vikings used to control mud puddling outside their homes because they didn't have gutters, or down spouts. If you check out the show the Vikings, you will see them on the houses in the show. 

They are widely used in Japan. While their purpose can be largely decorative, to make a water feature out of the transport of rainwater from the guttering system downwards to a drain or to a storage container, for household usage, and can also be found on temples. Although people have been known to hang them in the house or gardens as well.

Rain-water run-off gets distributed from a rooftop gutter downward through the rain chain.

The products used in these rain chains all come from the shores of Lake Champlain, VT, and are stung on copper, which will never rust. The stones at the bottom are either a hag stone, or a wishing stone. As the driftwood, wishing stones and hag stones, used are only ever one of a kind, you will find not two rain chains will ever be the same. Because they come from the lake, there is no salt in the wood, so it is not harmful to the birds. Driftwood that comes from the ocean when chewed on by a bird can cause brain swelling and sometimes even death due to the salt in the wood. Our pieces are locally sourced and never cut unlike our competitors who do it to help save on shipping costs, plus when the pieces are cut, they should be treated to prevent the wood from rotting, where as ours are just naturally treated by the lake and do not have to go through that process at all. So it is a totally environmentally safe product.

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For stores that currently carry our BooCat rain chains see the list below. For more information on how you can be one of the stores to carry our Rain Chain line contact us at. vtwirezzz@gmail.com


BunyaBunya, Stowe, VT

Island Craft Store, South Hero, VT(Open only in the Summer May -Columbus Day then Sat & Sun Only Until Dec 22)

Pratical Magick, Essex Center, VT

Vermont's Own, Middlebury, VT