People ask me how I got started doing this. I have worked in the IT industry for over 20 years as well as lived in VT which is one of the most green oriented states.
In my current profession one of things that has always bothered me is when a network cable or a power cord would go dead  and it would just be tossed into the garbage.
It made me think, "what can I do with these cords to reuse them". My answer was to make trees. My spiders came about as a result of having a lot of just one bead left, so
between the two items the other things have just evolved over time. I do hope you like my artwork and I do appreciate and accept all forms of feedback and so
should you feel the need to share that with me I will just say Thank you now. For current pricing on my art please check out my shop at and should you
want something specific that isn't listed please do not hesitate to contact me for custom work as I do love the challenge.

Didn't catch me on the news on Local 22 then please watch the segments posted HERE or you can visit

Carley Tillinghast